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Cary's Marketing Page

When you update or post items on different social media outlets, this will be your easy guide to the colors/fonts and any additional materials that were used in the creation of your website. 


when you add text or change any current text, after clicking "Edit Text" and choosing the text color, this Color Picker will appear. All the colors under "Site Colors" are standard. Any colors in "My Colors" have been added specifically for your website. To match any color, click on the shade you want and the HEX alphanumeric will show in the lower right-hand corner. 

To copy that color on another site, use that #xxxxx alphanumeric to get the exact same shade. 

You can find your font under "Edit Text" and when the pop-up box appears, the text theme, font and size will appear. For quick reference, your fonts are as follows;

Title (Cary Hite) is Heading 1 Helvetica Bold at 94px (font size.) 

Cover page menu is Georgia
Bottom Menu bar is Futura Light  
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